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For 15 years, Ed has been repairing jewelry and learning from the best.  After an adult ed class in silversmithing, he trained under Lee Guerro for two winters learning bezels and settings.  Now, for the last three years he has been learning advanced Native Silversmithing techniques from Micky Syverson (Master Jeweler and Diamond Setter). During the summer of 2016, Ed Bullock will introduce his own designs at the little bull.  All work is done completely by hand using only the best materials available.


"I received my rings in the mail today.  Thank you so much for fixing them.  You did a fantastic job. They look beautiful!  The old ring looks new :) I had taken the old ring to a store once before and asked if they could re-set the stone and they told me that it couldn't be fixed." 
- Crystal C.

"As for our rings...what can I say????  Well...Friday...a lady in the bakery grabbed my hand to check out my ring.  She started asking me questions and I had to explain the design, symbolism, your work, etc.  As I was answering her questions, six other people came over to check it out, including the person behind the counter.  This has become something very normal.  It's amazing how it catches peoples' eyes.  The rings are more than I ever could have hoped for."
- Mona M. 











These wedding rings were made as a special order for special little bull customers.  They are made in the traditional Hopi Overlay style, banding 2 layers of rings together.  The bottom layer gives the ring depth and is blackened to show contrast.  The top layer has the design.  All of the design is cut out using a coping saw after being drawn onto the silver in pencil for an outline.  The feathers represent the wisdom from the eagle, the mountains represent the strength of their bond, the stars represent protection from the Spirit World, and the 4 half circles represent the 4 directions of wind.  The center quill is yellow gold and the ring is sterling silver.


 The Fancy Dance bustles are worn by the young Fancy Dancer.  They represent the wings of the eagle and the grace that guides the dancer in his story.  They are made specifically for each dancer to showcase the beadwork and design of the outfit, in this case by his father.  Each feather takes 2 hours to complete.  There are 47 feathers on the bottom bustle and 43 on the top. 
     The Fancy Dance began in the 1960s as a way for the younger generation to be able to show off their athletic ability, dance style and moves.  The outfit is made to be as flashy and colorful as possible all while maintaining traditional design elements and continuity of style.



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